Kompleksowe rozwiązania z zakresu wyposażenia budynku branży elektrycznej/oświetleniowej
Comprehensive solutions of electric/lighting equipment for buildings

Smart Home

The KNX system is the only open standard in the world of building and home automation.

The offer of more than 400 manufacturers with its portfolio can meet the most sophisticated needs. In an installation based on the KNX standard, virtually all devices can be fully integrated.

A characteristic feature – unlike other systems – is the cooperation of equipment from different manufacturers, which allows you to choose from a wide range of possibilities, devices and design. All system components function independently – that is, in the event of a failure, 1 out of 9 devices remaining 8 will continue to operate without problems. This feature sets KNX apart from other building control systems.

All devices operating in the system – regardless of the manufacturer – are compatible with each other. They can be used in both new and existing buildings, they can also be modified and expanded in the name of new needs at every stage of use.

Integration with the web gives us unlimited possibilities for remote control via, for example, mobile devices.

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